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JANSSEN CONTRACTING INC. (JCI) has worked over fourty three years with corporate and private owners, federal, state and city agencies on the successful completion of numerous construction projects. We are especially experienced with design/build projects, having completed numerous contracts with architectural and engineering firms throughout all of Alaska. As of September 19, 2001 JCI received certification as a “qualified HUBZone small business concern (SBC)”. Our in-house management and field construction team has individually, at a minimum, over fifteen years experience in their fields. The majority have no less than twenty five years experience and are well respected in the industry. Many of our field crew team have worked for us for several years and have become increasingly familiar with our reporting systems, organizational and safety plans, and quality standards of production. It is our intent to hire local and native hire employees as the required work skill dictates. comment obtenir viagra Over the years, and in mobilizing for each project, we have acquired the necessary equipment and established state-of-the-art operating systems and quality control standards to ensure our projects are completed timely, within budget, and with the best attention to detail and quality workmanship. We are financially stable, have many years of excellent standing, rapport and working relations with our bank, bonding company, architectural/engineering firms, subcontractors and suppliers.